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18th December 17
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Mrs Meeks

Meet the Reception Class of 2017/18


Please remember.....

  • …to make sure your child has their PE kit (both indoor and outdoor) with them in school at all times.
  • ….that girls who wear tights have a pair of socks in their PE kit for PE lessons.
  • ……that any girls who do not have their earrings removed on PE day (Friday) bring plasters into school to cover their ears during the lesson.


  • that your child must bring a coat with them each day - we access outdoor play all day everyday and go out in all weathers! We only restrict outdoor play in dangerously icy weather. Please make sure the coat is a sensible choice for the weather that day.
  • that if you have not already done so, please send your child into school with a pair of wellies that they can keep in school with them. Please add their name so that we know which pair belongs to your child.


  • that Weekend News books  and Homework Tasks need to be completed with your child each week – we work in Key Worker Groups and share this work.
  • …that reading records need to be filled in every time you read with your child at home. It is important that you do so regularly – these books are Home Readers to be read at home.
  • ...to complete sound/letter formation tasks with your child. This helps to consolidate their learning from the classroom.


  • …to send in 20p each day you would like your child to have toast at break time.
  • ….children can have a drink of water whenever they like. Please don’t send in water bottles for the classroom.
  • ...to keep us informed of any food allergies.


Thank you for your support :-)


Autumn 2 curriculum


We will begin Autumn 2 by doing a little work on Remembrance Day as many of the children have shown an interest and joined in the discussion which took place before we created our class wreath for the school Remembrance service up at church. We will provide opportunities within the continuous provision to consolidate their understanding. As a result of the children showing an interest in keeping healthy at the end of last term we will be looking at a book called Titus’ Troublesome Tooth which also links to dental hygiene. Therefore our role play area will remain a ‘fruit ‘n’ veg’ shop for a while and then become a dentist surgery and the continuous provision activities within the setting will link to the children’s literacy learning in order to give the children the opportunity to practice their skills further. If you have any resources you think we could make use of please send them in! For the final few weeks of term our learning will then focus on Christmas and the story of the Nativity.

In numeracy we plan to focus on counting and patterns, addition, subtraction, 3D shapes and money. Many of the continuous provision activities will be linked to the numeracy theme for the week so again the children consolidate their learning through fun, play-based activities.

But please be aware that this is all likely to change again…..we will follow the children’s interests and ideas - that’s Early Years for you!!

Sledging Fun! 12.12.17


Today we took to the slopes of Newchurch! We persevered, took risks, predicted and found new ways to sledge! We changed where on the hill to sledge, whether we should be pushed or pulled, whether we should be on our own or with somebody else in the sledge and where/how on the sledge to sit. We timed each other and had races......but most of all had FUN! 

Christmas Praise and Play 12.12.17


This morning we attended church for our regular Praise and Play session. We explored lots of different Nativity scenes and Mother Penny was amazed at our Nativity Story knowledge - she said we had clearly been listening well when learning all about it in class! We then created our very own edible Nativity scene to take home with us.   

Forest School session 11.12.17


Miss Vincent has recently done some Forest School training. We wrapped up cosy warm and she took each Key Person Group out to introduce them to the Forest School rules and play an introductory game.....followed by hot chocolate made and enjoyed in the outdoors! 

Winter Fun December 2017


As the seasons have changed we have explored our outdoor environment and have noticed many of the changes that have occurred. When investigating the ice we thought of different ways to try to melt it and tested them all out to see which was most effective. The children said they now know how to help their mums and dads on cold frosty mornings when their cars are frozen up!

When it snowed we decided to use paint and coloured water with pipettes to see what effect the paint had on the snow and ice - we had some lovely mark making and some unique pieces of artwork were created.....temporarily!  

Nicholas the Kindness Elf 6.12.17


Nicholas the Kindness Elf arrived on St Nicholas Day......he will go home with somebody different every evening!

Preparing for Christmas.....1.12.17


We had a very special delivery from the North Pole today....Fr Christmas sent Mrs Meeks and Miss Vincent 'Santa Cams' to be worn during Advent....the children have been on their best behaviour ever since they came out of the packaging! Much of our continuous provision is now linked to Christmas and Advent.

Inter Faith Day November 2017


All classes took part in Inter Faith Day in school - we learnt all about Islam. We compared mosques to churches, built them and had a go at sketching them. We designed some Mehndi patterns using a variety of media - paint, pen, ICT. We talked about prayer and the respect that is shown at this time - boys wear caps and girls wear head scarves - and we even dressed in some traditional dress. We threaded some prayer beads and created lovely repeating patterns. A real prayer mat was laid out for us to look at and we were inspired to create some of our own prayer mats in the creative area. 

Glitter Germ Investigation 13.11.17


Today we investigated germs. We talked about how difficult it is to know whether our hands have germs on them! By the end of the investigation we all realised how easily germs can spread so we know we must wash our hands really well with warm, soapy water! We talked about what a 'prediction' is and we all predicted which child the glitter germs would spread to......Kane and Mrs Meeks predicted exactly right - the glitter germs spread as far along our class chain as child number 11!!!

Exercise Day 9.11.17


The children decided we should have an Exercise Day as part oftheir continued learning about health. They all came dressed in sportswear and had a day full of various exercises - dance, movement, gymnastics, 'dabbing'...... we even had some mini experts showing us some ballet and martial arts moves! Can you spot them? 

We will remember them.....November 2017


Preparing for our whole school worship at church next week......we will remember them.

Autumn 2017


Weddings! Sept/Oct 2017


Our learning quickly took a new direction when one of our class attended the wedding of her Mummy and Daddy. The class began asking questions and became very interested in weddings. We started with Show and Tell about weddings of parents, aunts/uncles, friends or weddings they had attended themselves.  We learnt that some weddings take place in church so we emailed Mother Penny to see if she could speak to us. Mother Penny was more than happy to come to see us so we asked if we could role play a wedding with her help........

Our wedding 'To Do' list


The children generated our 'to do' list for the wedding:

  • flowers
  • cake
  • food
  • dresses/outfits
  • favours
  • invitations
  • music

and we worked our way through the jobs as a class.

The Big Day! Oct.2017


The big day finally arrived after hours of planning and preparation! Everyone dressed in their smartest outfits and enjoyed the day. The wedding ceremony was for close friends (Reception class) but the celebrations also included Year 6 Buddies, Mrs O'Mara and Mrs Thistlethwaite! The juice was flowing and there were some impressive shapes thrown on the dancefloor!

Dino Watch September 2017


One of our pupils brought a dinosaur egg in for 'Show and Tell' and we looked after it while it hatched. Much of our continuous provision was then planned with a dinosaur theme in mind. Once the baby dinosaur arrived we thought about what it would need......first of all we named it 'Chewy' after our Year 6 buddies voted on our top five suggestions. We then also identified that Chewy would need somewhere to live, somethng to keep him warm and something to eat and drink. We worked as a team to collect what we needed for him. 

Buddy Time 15/9/17


We looked through our AMAZING 'All About Me' boxes today with our Year 6 Buddies - we all loved sharing this special time together!

Welcome to Newchurch St Nicholas School 15/9/17


Take a look at our new Reception class being welcomed into our school family during Achievers Assembly 

Our first few days in Reception


Reception Class Newsletters


Please click on the links below to view copies of our class newsletter. Newsletters are completed each half term and copies are sent to parents via parentmail. A copy is also displayed on the doors where you collect your child at the end of the school day.

 :  file (514.8k)
 :  file (239.8k)



Please look throught the homework tasks and activities for the Reception class by clicking on the appropriate link below. Parental support is very much appreciated.....and the bonus is that pupils recieve Rocket Points and Class Dojo points for their efforts!



Once the school year is underway we select VIPs (very important pupils) each week from class.We use our professional knowledge of each individual combined with feedback from home about likes, interests and needs. Parents return a completed letter to us as soon as possible after receiving it so that we can include activities and tasks into our weekly planning specific to their child……our very important pupil! This has proved to be a popular way of planning for individual pupils and we have received some very positive comments from parents about the children who have taken part in the past.

Class Dojo Reward System


If you haven't already, please sign up to the Class Dojo Reward System being used throughout school. Your login details were sent home with your child. If these details have been misplaced please let us know and we can give you another copy.

Class Dojo is a great way to keep up to date with class news/photographs and see the reasons why your child is being awarded points by the class teacher!

Reception letters