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Forest School Week 1 

We had our first forest school session in Year 3. Miss Cole discussed the rules we must follow and spoke to us about fire safety. We played 1,2,3 hide and seek and toasted marshmallows on a fire to make smores. 

Forest School Week 2

This week we got very muddy. We had so much fun jumping in all of the mud and making a mudslide! We collected leaves and mud to create a poppy, whilst looking for leaves some children found a snail. Whilst we were outside it started raining and a rainbow appeared!

Forest School Week 3

This week in forest school we did some muddy hand prints to make something exciting for our classroom. We collected some natural items for our craft project in class. Can you guess what we made?

Forest School Week 3 (What we made) 

This is what we made last week in forest school for our classroom. Doesn't it look lovely and festive? 

Forest School Week 4 

This week in forest school we were so excited because it started to snow. We had so much fun but it was really really cold! We made snowmen, snow angels, Christmas cards and Christmas decorations. 

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