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The children have been sponsored to do laps of the playground at school to raise money for some new laptops!

Burnley Football Club (GULP)

Today we played a game where the children with bands on were representing the fizzy drinks and the children without were water. The children had to use a variety of throwing techniques to pass around the ball to the other children representing water. The fizzy drinks didn't have as much energy so didn't catch many balls. 

Burnley Football Club (GULP)

Today we had a discussion about fizzy drinks being advertised on the TV. We discussed the way they are advertised and promoted. We also looked at the eggs. We put one egg in water and one in a fizzy drink to see how it would change the eggs. We then played a game outside where the fizzy drinks group had to jump to turn the cones upside down and the water group could run to turn the cones the correct way. This was to show that drinking fizzy drinks doesn't always give us the energy we need when doing exercise. 

Burnley Football Club (GULP)

We have been looking at how to read labels on drinks to see how much sugar they contain. This is because we need to make sure we don't consume too much sugar. 

Burnley Football Club (GULP)

Today we have been looking at fizzy drinks and deciding which ones have more sugar in. We did a quiz about fizzy drinks and had some time outside to play a game where the fizzy drinks were catching the children and to be able to play again the toothbrushes had to set them free. 

Burnley Football Club (GULP)

We had a coach that came to our school to do PE with us. Coach Mark challenged us to GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) which is a challenge set to not drink many fizzy drinks. We have been thinking about why we shouldn't drink many fizzy drinks and drinks that contain lots of sugar. We are going to do a class league to see who drinks the least amount of fizzy frinks in 21 days (3 week challenge). 

Active Times Tables 

We have been practicing our times tables whilst staying active. We have been doing this whilst waiting to wash our hands. 

Race For Life

On Friday (02.10.2020), children and staff in Year 3 ran the Race for Life. They lapped the school field twice in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Sponsor forms have been sent out to each child and will be received on the week commencing 05.10.2020. 

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored one of our children in Year 3 and within our school!

European Virtual Sports Day.
On Friday 25th September, the whole school took part in our Virtual Sports Day.

Year 3 had a fabulous time participating in this as we completed lots of different activities including: dance, OAA, air traffic control, human tetris and relays.


Human tetris was a real hit with the children, as they voted this as their favourite activity of the day. We also managed to complete the 120 minute challenge - go Year 3! ✨

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