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Can you see in the dark?

We completed an investigation this week to see if we could answer the question accurately. We had a post it note with a sequin on it at the bottom of our tubes. We looked through the tube to see if we could see the sequin in the dark. All of the children agreed that they couldn't see it. We then cut a hole in the tube to allow some light in. We could then see the sequin slightly. 


Teabag Filters

We made some teabag filters in Science this week. 

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Look at how much fun we had doing this experiment. We thought about reversible and irreversible changes during this experiment. 


Topic Day 

We did an investigation to see which was the best surface for the protractor to move on. We tried four surfaces and kept it fair each time. We used the power of the hairdryer to move it and did 10 seconds each time on the different surfaces. 

Topic Day 

We did an investigation with magnets. The investigation was to find out if magnets attract or repel different objects. We tried this with coins, pins, card, paper clips, cubes, tin foil, pens and a counter. 

Topic Day 

We dressed up as a force for our topic day all about forces which we have been learning about in science. 


We have looked at skeletons of different animals and discussed the similarities and differences. We used Frank to observe the human skeleton in more detail. 


We have been discussing and debating if we think all animals have skeletons. We have discussed how scientists might find out if all animals have skeletons and the differences. 

Searching for Habitats in School Grounds

We have had a look around our school to have a look at the different habitats that we could find.

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