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Week 3

On week 3 of our Forest School journey, we began by focusing on safety in the rain. We spoke about wet logs, grass and edges of paths being much more slippy and resulting in more falls.
After this we looked at trees, why there are important to us, if they're alive, how we know they're alive and not to break branches from live trees, instead to take care of them. 

Year 2 were then asked to choose their favourite tree, hug it, tell it a story and what they did at the weekend. The children then picked up a leaf, described it's shape, texture and colour and started doing some beautiful leaf rubbings. 

We then played a game much like 'rock/paper/scissors' only slightly different. The rules stated that bee beats human - as they can sting us and we rely upon them a lot. Spider beats bee - a spider can create a web and wrap up the bee. Human beats spider - we are bigger than them and can damage them if we are not careful. 

Year 2 finished their session by looking closely at some more leaves and trying to identify and name the leaf.

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