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Unavoidable School Closure - Snow procedures

Adverse Weather Procedures


The weather forecast is indicating that we are entering a period of colder weather and with this comes the possibility of snow at some point. In the event of heavy overnight snow, a decision whether to open or to close the school will be made by 7.30 a.m.


Hopefully, it will not be necessary to close the school due to bad weather in the coming weeks but recent winters’ experiences show that it is not impossible for this to happen. The school will only be closed as a last resort if one of the following has occurred;


  • Conditions travelling to school are too dangerous for children, parents or staff. Almost all members of staff live well beyond a reasonable walking distance so this is always a major factor.
  • Accessibility to the school is impossible due to the state of local roads e.g if a fire engine or ambulance could not get to the school in an emergency.
  • There are insufficient adults able to get to school to safely supervise the children.
  • Conditions on the school grounds are too dangerous for children, parents or staff.
  • One or more of the essential services e.g. electricity, heating, water etc is not operating.


In the event of a closure;

  • Radio Lancashire (FM 95.5/103.4 or MW 855) will be requested to put out an announcement, although we have no control over whether or when this takes place.
  • Members of staff who live locally will operate the school phone lines.
  • A Parentmail / class dojo message may be sent to parents.
  • A message will be placed on the school website homepage/Facebook page but this may not always be possible if there are unforeseen problems accessing the internet.
  • A sign will be placed on the main gate.


 Be aware that it is not unusual for false information to spread - especially amongst the children - that the school is closed when it is actually open. Always check Parentmail/schoolwebsite/Facebook/Radio Lancashire to be informed of a school closure. Please refrain from telephoning school to check if we are open as this can prevent staff from being able to inform the relevant people that school is closed.  You will only be informed if we are closed. We will not send out messages to parents/carers if we are open.


If heavy snow falls during the school day, the school will remain open until 3.00 p.m. Parents concerned about collecting their children at 3.00 p.m. are advised to come to school earlier to collect them if this is deemed to be a safer option.

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